NBA Playoff Predictions

While I love my AMCR Cobras, I also keep pretty close tabs on what is going on in the NBA.  This season is shaping up to be one of the best ever. I figured I’d do my best to look over the remaining teams and offer some NBA free picks on what happens from here on out.

Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder finished off the San Antonio Spurs. It was a great season for the Spurs, they ended the regular season with a 40-1 record at home and 67 wins overall.  But, the star power of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were too much for them to handle.

Now the Thunder have to take on Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.  The Warriors are coming off the best regular season in NBA history and have looked solid to start the postseason as well.  Is Curry completely healthy?  If he is then it doesn’t look like anyone can stop them, but I do think Oklahoma City is a team that can give them trouble.

Everyone right now is dead set on Golden State being the favorites, but I think an upset could be brewing.  Don’t be surprised if OKC takes them to six or seven games.

In the East it’s been an incredible start for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  They haven’t lost a game in the first two rounds and are still sitting around waiting to see if they will play the Toronto Raptors or the Miami Heat.  The thing is…it’s not going to matter.  LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love are in sync.  Head coach Tyronne Lue has done a phenomenal job since taking over mid-season.

I think the Cleveland Cavaliers will win in four or five games, setting up a rematch of last year’s Finals against the Warriors.

Do you remember how Golden State won handily last year?  I bet that’s what most people remember.  But, how about this.  Last season there was no Kevin Love.  He went down with a shoulder injury in the Boston series and missed the series.  For all intensive purposes, Cleveland didn’t have Irving either.

Basically LeBron was left with a ragtag group of misfits and he managed to win a few games against the Warriors.  Don’t expect things to be so easy for Golden State this year with his team at full strength.  If you like futures bets, Cleveland is hard not to like right now.  They are playing well and are healthy this season.  Plus, I think Lue has an advantage over Blatt when it comes to coaching his team in playoff situations.


Pete Campbell has been named the new head coach of the AMCR Cobras.  Campbell was a graduate of Virginia University.  He is the seventh head coach in team history after spending the last couple of years as the assistant head coach.

“We are pleased that Campbell accepted our offer to coach the team, ” Cobras general manager Ted Scott said.  “As shown last year, he’s been able to develop some of our young players while upholding our team philosophy.  We think he is a terrific fit to continue our legacy and restore the Cobras back to their winning ways.”

Personally I am confident that he is the right person to continue our excellent basketball tradition in Costa Rica.  He has put himself into a position to succeed by studying as an assistant the last couple of years.  I think he’s in a great position to return this team to glory.

Before coming to the Cobras two years ago, Campbell was an assistant coach of the Bogota Bullets in Colombia.  He helped them for three seasons, guiding several players to All League honors.

Before that he was a graduate assistant at Morehead State, and an unpaid volunteer coach at Weber State.

Campbell graduated from Virginia back in 2000.  He did not have a distinguished college career but learned the ropes as a Cavalier.  He majored in political science but knew all along that his heart was in coaching.

Campbell comes from a basketball family.  His father was the head coach at Central Arkansas.  His brother Chris is the assistant head coach at Texas Southern  while his other brother Steve is a high school basketball coach in Illinois.  It’s fair to say that coaching basketball is a family business.

If you are getting as excited as I am about the upcoming Cobras season sign up for your season tickets now.  It’s going to be a solid 60 game season and I’m hoping for another return trip the playoffs.  With Campbell manning the bench then I’m confident we will be a contender.


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