About the Cobras

The AMCR Cobras are an international basketball team based in San Jose, Costa Rice. Nearly every single player is American, thus the AMCR nickname.

Once the NBA D-League season has completed, our season begins.  The players who know they are not likely to be picked up by an NBA team the following year want to earn a little money, so they head overseas for a short season.

The attendance at the games normally ranges from 1,200 to 2,500 people.  The Cobras recently won the Costa Rican national title in both 2011 and 2012, when they were lead by Mark Earles.

The head coach of the Cobras is Matt Nurse.  He was a former collegiate player at the University of Tennessee and played overseas for awhile in Europe.  He decided to come back and get into coaching and the Cobras hired him for his first gig.

Roster construction in Costa Rica is a little bit different than you are used to in the States.  There is no draft.  We don’t get to choose from the best players available.  Instead, the general manager plays a vital role.  They are in charge of not only finding players, but convincing them that San Jose is the place they want to make their summer home.  Chase the wrong players, and you are left with scraps.  Land just a couple quality guys and you can compete for the national title.

Some of the best players that we have had are Courtney Jefferson, Kurt Johnson, Fred Sternberg, and Ralph Fredricks.

Previous Season Records


28-22 (56%) – The Cobras made the playoffs but made a quick exit to the Mendoza Hurricanes in the first round.


28-22 (56%) – The same regular season record but this team they beat the Herrieta Flash in the first round before once again losing to the Hurricanes in the semifinals.


37-13 (74%) – One of the best seasons the team has had.  They took down Los Fuertes Fenders in the first round, the Flash in the semifinals, and then lost to the Grande Valley Vipers in the finals.


25-25 (50%) – Missed the playoffs


25-25 (50%) – Another season of missing the playoffs


31-19 (62%) – The team won their first championship by beating the Diego Dodgers in the first round.  The Vipers in the semifinals, and the Flash in the Finals.


27-23 (54%) – Lost to the Flash in the first round.


37-13 (74%) – A great regular season but they ran into problems with a first round upset by the Dodgers.


14-36 (28%) – The team lost a lot of good players last year and fell off the map.  This was the worst team the Cobras have fielded and they will have to rebuild if they want to compete in 2016.