Predictions on Where Will Carmelo Anthony Be Traded to

What can I say about Carmelo Anthony, a strong forward for the New York Knicks. With his no-trade clause in place, there’s no telling where he could end up. If the Knicks didn’t offer Carmelo a no-trade clause as part of their bargain to keep him from signing with the Bulls, they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in now with trying to get him traded. There are a lot of possible options of where Carmelo Anthony can be traded to, but let’s focus on the top five teams that are up for nomination.

Top Five Teams Carmelo Anthony Could Be Traded To

The fifth least likely team Carmelo Anthony could end up playing for, would be with the Boston Celtics. Indeed its a wild card, but if you think about it, being that he’s a star scorer he would take some of the pressure off of Isaiah Thomas. Now here’s an even sweeter deal, Boston could trade off Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, and Jonas Jerebko, in exchange for Carmelo and Kyle O’Quinn. That way Phil can rid himself of a mistake which in the end would work from a financial standpoint. Even though this is the least likely option, the Celtics may end up being his last resort with the deadline coming up on the 23rd of February.

The fourth team next in line as a possibility is, The Cleveland Cavaliers. Its been mentioned that if Carmelo were to waive his no-trade clause, the Cavaliers would be a team that his would consider doing that for. There is already a deal being proposed, that if they were to trade Anthony they would get Kevin Love in return, but that deal was shot down. That’s not going to stop the Knicks from coming up with a deal that they can’t refuse.

Cleveland would be beneficial in the long run for everybody because, not only will Carmelo consider waiving his no-trade clause, but Cleveland can afford to pay the price of his hefty contract. This will give Anthony the opportunity to win his first ring and play for a team that’s already reigning on top the Eastern standings. ¬†The Cavs would definitely be one of the favorites to win the Finals with him on the roster. ¬†Everyone wants to see Carmelo and LeBron team up and win a championship, its going to take a lot of negotiating in order for that to work, seeing the February 23rd deadline is drawing near.

The third team next on the list as a potential candidate would be the Los Angeles Clippers. This being said, Phil is trying to make this option stick if not stand out. He’s willing to trade Carmelo for practically nothing, without getting a trade in return. We all know that, that would not be a smart decision, so rumor has it that Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers are up for grabs. Assuming that this deal goes through there are other choices to consider let’s take a look at the next team in line.

The second team in the ranking are the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors and the Celtics are the two teams that would need to make a difference in their lineup, by negotiating a trade with the Knicks for Carmelo. Paul Millsap is a candidate to trade with, but if that isn’t on the table, the Raptors need to make the pot sweeter, by putting up Demarre Carroll, Patrick Patterson, Jakob Poeltl, and a future first round pick. Although Anthony wouldn’t improve their 16th rank defense, this would give the Raptors an oppotunity to challenge the Cavs, who currently reign over in the East.

The last and final team that Carmelo Anthony could be traded to is the New York Knicks. Now even though this is not an actual trade this may be where he end up after all is said and done. The deadline looms ahead and only a select few will accept his no-trade clause and pricey contract but in the end this is where Carmelo Anthony wants to be. His family is in New York, and I don’t think the idea of uprooting them to another state is something he will agree too.

When its all said and done I don’t think his wife would have relocated anywhere out of the state of New York. That’s the whole reason the no-trade clause was implemented in the first place he didn’t want to be traded to a team that would move him away from his family. Regardless of where he ends up, be it Los Angeles, Boston, or stays with the Knicks he will have the final say with his no-trade clause in place.