Current roster as of the end of the 2015 season:

19 РChris Anderson (G) from California, USA
1 – Penny Butler (G) from South Carolina, USA
22 – Max Essing (F) from Massachusetts, USA
7 – Ray Harrison (F) from Kentucky, USA
18 – Andy Harris (G) from Tennessee, USA
8 – Pete Henderson (F) from Utah, USA
11 – Travis Kendall (C) from Delaware, USA
33 – Jack Travis (G) from Minnesota, USA
22 – David Stevens (F) from Berlin, Germany
35 – AJ Stephenson (F) from Los Angeles, USA
10 – Mark Waters (G) from Mississippi, USA
14 – Tyson Ziegler (C) from North Carolina, USA

Stat Leaders

Points Per Game
Andy Harris 18.8
AJ Stephenson 15.7
Max Essing 14.5
Ray Harrison 11.8

Rebounds Per Game
AJ Stephenson 13.4
Andy Harris 8.4
Tyson Ziegler 8.0
Max Essing 7.2

Assists Per Game
Andy Harris 4.9
Jack Travis 2.6
Penny Butler 2.0

The season MVP went to AJ Stephenson who is a real up and comer out of Los Angeles, California.  He played for USC for two years, but an injury in his rookie season left him wandering the D-League.

He’s more than likely one and done for us, as he was impressive enough that an NBA team is going to give him a nod this winter.

Andy Harris doesn’t have the size or speed to make it in the NBA, but he fits perfectly in the lower divisions because he’s a really good player.