Season Tickets on Sale Now

Get ready for the season with the AMCR Cobras!  By purchasing season tickets you get a guaranteed great seat for every single one of the 25 home games for your favorite minor league basketball team!

You’ll get a big savings over buying each ticket individually from the box office.

You’ll get sweet discounts on merchandise that is offered at the arena.

If you don’t use any of your tickets you can redeem them for the best seat at any remaining games.

You’ll be invited to the season opening party, meet the team gatherings, and any other special events that the team has.

Worried about parking?  Season ticket holders get a VIP parking pass for every two seats that they purchase.

Plus, having season tickets is the only way you can be sure that you have tickets guaranteed for any playoff games!

Club Level

If you are sitting in the club level there will be waitress service offered during the first three quarters of each game.

There is a private lounge so you don’t have to fight your way through the crowds.  It has a full open bar and there are full buffet meals provided during weekday games.  On the weekend there are dry snacks.

Flex Packs

Want to catch a few games without committing to attending all 25?  A flex pack is perfect for you.  You can get 12 sideline tickets to any regular season home game (use them all at once or spread them out over multiple games) for just $200.

This gives you significant savings over single game tickets, but you can still remain flexible on when you attend.

Group Tickets

Do you have 20 or more people attending a game together?  Then the group experience is perfect.  This means you can bring family, friends, business associates, employees, or whoever.  Have your holiday, school, alumni, church parties at our arena!

Get an excellent price on your tickets and make sure everyone sits together by purchasing with our group service.

Pizza Meal Deal

Our local pizzeria is proud to partner with the Cobras this season.  For $20 you can get 2 Energy game tickets, a large 1-topping pizza, and a 2-liter of Coke.  Extra tickets are $10, but for every two tickets you but you get another meal voucher.


Are you really looking to impress?  Large suits run at $1,000 and include 30 tickets, $400 in food and beverage, plus 8 parking passes.

Don’t have that many friends?  Don’t worry, me either.  I like the 15 ticket small suite package that includes $200 food and beverage, four parking passes, and only costs $500.